Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services

Companies that act with reliability in addressing fraud and corruption gain with true business benefits. To that end, we help companies manage risk, investigate suspected misbehavior and measure the financial implications of disputes. CTCH professionals can help you deal with the crisis, challenges and risks of doing business in today's environment. Investigation is preceded on unusual economic activity and electronic evidence detection is performed together with the financial reports on a prompt time base.

Financial statement Audit

The review process by a third party (an Auditor) for the financial statements, policies and procedures of a company with publicly traded stock is called financial statement Audit. This is done for conformance of the accuracy and completeness of the company’s financial statements according to the generally accepted accounting principles. CTCH auditors complete these review process called an audit planning phase once a year at the end of the company’s financial cycle. Other steps include sample control, transaction testing, disclosure testing, final reporting and delivery of the auditors’ opinion.

Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Nowadays economic environment remains unsure with many challenges, resulting companies trying to reduce their costs and cautiously manage their cash flow. Due to this, the government continuously changes the country’s regulations resulting changes in the accounting practices and businesses decision making. These changes are unparalleled and their decision making affects the business accounting and reporting. Strategies are required for all these in which CTCH Accountants provide support for the strategic accounting and financial reporting challenges.

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