Business Environment

The process of starting up and developing a business is not just an adventure, but also a real challenge. For entrepreneurs is vital to create a promising business environment, through ensuring easier access to funding, making law clearer and more effective and developing an entrepreneurial culture and support networks for businesses are all influential as far as the setting up and growth of businesses are concerned. Still, forming a favorable business environment does not only improve the growth potential of the businesses, but also turns Europe into a place advantageous to invest and work.

The promotion of corporate social responsibility is contributing in creating the business in Europe and specifically in Cyprus more attractive. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) consist of 99% of European businesses, in which their small size makes them vulnerable to changes in the industry and environment in which they operate. It is therefore vital for CTCH Accountants to systematically assist SMEs in Cyprus for their well-being to be a focus of political attention.

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